2023 Results 1: Dems SWEEP into the history books!

Good (early) morning fellow Democrats,

Once again, you showed up when our democracy needed you most. You sent a resounding message that Democrats are a well oiled machine that is ready to defend our community, our judiciary, and our privacy with the white hot intensity of 1,000 suns.

A reminder that the TTDems are hosting our 2nd annual Yard Sign Drop Off/Recycling Event this Saturday 11/11/2023 from 10:00am to noon in the Tredyffrin Township Building parking lot. With the election now over, it’s time to care for our community by taking down any Democratic yard signs that may be around you. With some candidates wanting their signs back for future use, our drop off/recycling event will insure all signs are properly taken care of.

Now for the results:

McCaffery Protects Choice by Defeating Carluccio

Pennsylvanians defended our judiciary by electing Supreme Court Justice Dan McCaffery. Once again, voters believed that women should have control over their own health decisions and that lies had no place on Pennsylvania’s highest court.

Beck Flips Superior Court Democratic; Lane Too Close to Call

A HUGE victory for Pennsylvania happened tonight as Jill Beck was elected to the PA Superior Court, FLIPPING that court to Democratic control! Timika Lane‘s race for the 2nd seat on this court (as of 2:30am) remains too close to call.

Wolf Claws Back At PA Commonwealth Court

Matt Wolf chipped away at the composition of the only court to give Donald Trump a victory in his 2020 election challenges. He’ll deal with most cases involving a government entity.

Dems Retain Control of Chester County government

Chester County Democrats will remain in control of county government as Marian Moskowitz & Josh Maxwell were re-elected County Commissioners. They will be joined by former State Rep. Eric Roe, who will take over the minority (Republican) party seat from Michele Kichline.

In addition, Democrats SWEPT all the county row offices, insuring continued deliverance of good governance:

  • Chris De Barrena-Sarobe will be our new District Attorney
  • Kevin Dykes will take over as county Sheriff
  • Debbie Bookman was re-elected Prothonotary
  • Michele Vaughn was re-elected Register of Wills
  • Diane O’Dwyer will have her “acting” tag removed and win a full term as Recorder of Deeds

Democrats SWEEP into decades of control on the Court of Common Pleas!

Decades from now, Chester County will see last night as THE turning point of our judiciary towards progress and fairness for all after Democrats SWEPT ALL FIVE seats on the Court of Common Pleas!

  • Sarah Black becomes the first public defender elected to the Chester County bench!
  • Deb Ryan moves from the prosecution table to the presiding dais.
  • Fredda Maddox becomes the first black woman elected to the Chester County bench!
  • Judge Nicole Forzato confirms Gov. Tom Wolf’s faith by winning a full term.
  • Thomas McCabe rounds out the sweep by taking the final spot for 2023.

Democrats DOMINANT in Tredyffrin Township!

Tredyffrin Easttown School Board

Common sense and sensible practicality prevailed last night in the Tredyffrin Easttown School District. In just a few short years, TTDems has become a powerful force in the shaping the direction of our schools and pushing back against the Moms for Liberty-types that seek to implement a hard-right agenda.

  • Roberta Hotinski & Todd Kantorczyk have both been re-elected to serve Region 1.
  • Kenneth Hong & Rachel Weil have both been elected to serve Region 2, replacing Michele Burger & Stacy Stone.
  • Sue Tiede has been re-elected to serve Region 3.

Tredyffrin Township Government

In addition to our schools, Democrats have been fiercely effective at implementing a forward-thinking policies that improve everyone’s quality of life. We’re pleased that we will continue to that work for the next 4 years.

  • Sharon Humble was re-elected Supervisor At-Large.
  • Carlotta Johnston-Pugh becomes the 1st black woman elected Supervisor At-Large!
  • Julie Gosse was re-elected District 1 Supervisor.
  • K.S. Bhaskar was re-elected District 3 Supervisor.
  • Phil Donahue was elected Auditor to replace Mary McCracken.

Keep up on all the election results on the Chester County Election Results Page.

I’m so proud to be your Chair and pledge to continue to advocate for Democrats throughout our area.

With Democratic Pride,

Hans van Mol
Tredyffrin Township Democrats

Author: Hans van Mol

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