Big Turnout Powers Democratic Victories

Big wins in Tredyffrin and the county

Republican dirty tricks fail to move the needle

Large turnout increases benefited Democratic candidates at the township and county levels in the elections of November 5, 2019. Township-wide, about 45% of Tredyffrin’s registered voters came to the polls last night, as compared to the 36-37% turnout of the two previous local elections (2015 and 2017). The large turnout drove a third straight year of impressive Democratic victories. Democrats won complete control of the seven-seat Tredyffrin Board of Supervisors, and the new Tredyffrin/Easttown School Board will consist of eight Democrats and one Independent.

At the county level, Democrats won two seats on the Chester County Board of Commissioners, the first Democratic majority on the Board in county history. Democrats also won five county-wide offices (Sheriff, Prothonotary, Recorder of Deeds, Register of Wills and District Attorney).

These results reflect a national pattern of massive suburban repudiation of Republican politics. As an article in today’s Atlantic puts it, “’We are not talking about a gradual change,” [Weaver] says. ‘We are talking about dramatic overnight flips from what used to be reliably Republican to now reliably Democrat. And the turnout is massive.’”

Republican campaigners tried to gain ground with personal attacks, misleading signage, spoiler candidates and a last-ditch bogus “write-in” campaign, but all of these tactics fell short.

Congratulations to these new elected (or re-elected) officials!

K.S. BhaskarTredyffrin Supervisor, Western District
Mark FreedTredyffrin Supervisor, At Large
Julie GosseTredyffrin Supervisor, Eastern District
Sharon HumbleTredyffrin Supervisor, At Large
Mary McCrackenTredyffrin Township Auditor
Roberta HotinskiT/E School Board, Region 1
Todd KantorczykT/E School Board, Region 1
Michele BurgerT/E School Board, Region 2
Stacy StoneT/E School Board, Region 2
Sue TiedeT/E School Board, Region 3
Mary Garrett ItinT/E School Board, Region 3
Analisa SondergaardJudge, Court of Common Pleas
Bret BinderJudge, Court of Common Pleas
Marian MoskowitzChester County Commissioner
Josh MaxwellChester County Commissioner
Deb RyanDistrict Attorney
Fredda MaddoxSheriff
Debbie BookmanProthonotary
Michele VaughnRegister of Wills
Chris PielliRecorder of Deeds

Author: TTDem Committee

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