Drop Boxes Are Open!

Today, Chester County opened the rest of its drop boxes for mail-in ballots. You can drop your mail ballot at whichever box is most convenient. For Tredyffrin residents, the nearest drop box is at Easttown Library.

Drop boxes are open according to the hours of the facility where they’re located. The drop box at Voter Services, at 601 Westtown Road in Westchester is open 24/7.

Click here for the locations and hours of all 13 Chester County drop boxes.

As a reminder, you have to deliver your own ballot — PA law says no one else can deliver your mail-in ballot for you (unless you have designated them your agent to do so by using this form.)

And if you prefer voting in person, we’ll see you at the polls!

Remember, it doesn’t matter HOW you vote. Just vote.

Author: Steve Lane

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