Election Day Voting Guide


Here is information you will need for voting on Tuesday June 2nd in Tredyffrin Township. We hope it helps!

  1. Before you go
  2. Voting in person
  3. Your mail-in ballot


  1. The weather forecast is mostly cloudy with a high of 71 degrees.
  2. Due to the coronavirus, there are 5 Tredyffrin polling locations that have been moved for this primary:
  3. Typically our TTDems committeepeople and greeters offer a sample ballot at the polling place, for you take back to the voting booth with you for reference. With social distancing and caution uppermost, we’ll instead be presenting the ballot as a poster you can check out, on your way into the poll. If you have your phone with you, you can snap a picture to take in as well. Our greeters will be present at most of the polling locations; they will be at a safe distance, but feel free to ask them questions about any of the races or candidates. Or contact us with any questions at info@ttdems.com or 484-474-0570.


  1. Polls will be open from 7am to 8pm.
  2. You should wear a mask to enter your polling place and maintain 6′ social distancing from other voters.
  3. There will be many safety precautions at your polling place, including hand sanitizer, protective plexiglass separators, and social distancing management. Please follow all signs and directions!
  4. Instead of a poll worker doing it, this time, you will tear off the receipt at the bottom of your ballot and you will put your ballot through the scanner.
  5. As much as you would like to chat with the poll workers, for everyone’s safety, please minimize your time in the voting area.


  1. If you received your mail-in ballot but did not send it in, you cannot use it to vote in person on Election Day. Here are your options:
    • Hand deliver it to one of the six drop-off locations across Chester County.  Each drop-off location contains a locked, tamper-proof drop box which is guarded and will not be left unattended at any time. From Monday June 1st through to Primary Election Day, Tuesday, June 2nd, the following locations will accept mail-in and absentee ballots:
    • Bring your ballot to your polling place and turn it in to the Judge of Elections. You will be allowed to vote using a provisional ballot.
  1. If you applied for a mail-in ballot but never received it or you received a mail-in ballot but believe that you returned it too late to arrive at Voter Services on election day:
    • Go to your polling place and tell them what happened. They will check your record. If they find that a ballot was mailed to you, but that the ballot has not been received at voter services, they will ask you to vote using a provisional ballot. If they find that they did not send you a ballot, you will be allowed to vote normally.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions: info@ttdems.com or 484-474-0570


Author: Steve Lane

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