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Political action is citizen action–the core of democracy. We want to reflect as many different voices in our community as possible. Likewise, we have many ways in which you can volunteer and participate–with whatever strengths and interests you bring.

Help For Georgia

With the general election over, our focus turns to Georgia, where two runoff Senate races could hand Democrats the upper hand in that chamber. Democrats would need to win both races to secure a 50-50 tie in the Senate, a tie that the Vice President, Kamala Harris, could break.

  • Turnout is especially key in Georgia elections, because Republicans are adept at blatant dirty tricks (such as purging voters from rolls) and more subtle but equally effective ones (such as “forgetting” to ship power strips for voting machines).
  • Part of increasing turnout is registering those who turn 18 after Nov 3 and through Jan 5. They can register till Dec 7. Unlike in Pennsylvania, where young white voters are more likely to vote Democratic than their parents, young white voters in Georgia mirror the voting propensities of their parents, and 60% of them are likely to vote Republican. So the emphasis on registration needs to be in those parts of the state with fewer white voters.
  • With the national attention that the Ossoff and Warnock campaigns have drawn comes large funding. I am told that the campaigns are flush with cash, but organizations that are doing grassroots organizing and registration in areas with fewer white voters need help.

Here are some opportunities to contribute and help in Georgia.

Donate or Volunteer with Grass-Roots Georgia groups

If you want to donate money, this Google spreadsheet is a list of organizations doing grassroots organizing, registration, and turnout activities. In particular, Stacey Abrams’ organizations are Fair Fight (https://fairfight.com/) and The New Georgia Project (https://newgeorgiaproject.org/).

Help the Campaigns

There are ample volunteering and donation opportunities with both the Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff campaigns:

Other Volunteer Opportunities

If you are considering or want to discuss other volunteer opportunities, please contact us via email at info@ttdems.com or by text or phone at (484) 474-0570

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