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Political action is citizen action–the core of democracy. We want to reflect as many different voices in our community as possible. Likewise, we have many ways in which you can volunteer and participate–with whatever strengths and interests you bring.

Volunteer Right Now

The main volunteer opportunities right now are in phone banking. It’s easy, you can do it from your home, and every call counts. If you can make 50 calls, great. If you can make 5, that helps too.

Re-Elect Representative Melissa Shusterman

We are in crazy times and all our efforts are so important. In November 2018, we elected Melissa Shusterman to represent us in Harrisburg. And she is working very hard on our behalf. Back to Blue, a state-wide organization supporting PA Democrats, has set up a phone bank for Melissa (PA House district 157). The phone bank for Melissa has been scheduled for 12 – 8pm every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday and 12 -6pm on Sunday for the next month. You select the days and times that work for you. Back to Blue will provide the script and help you get started.

Note that you don’t have to sign up all at once…you can start with a date or two and then come back to add more.

Turn the PA House Blue

We should also recognize that Melissa and the other Democrats in the PA House are fighting an uphill battle. The Republicans control the PA House… they decide what issues get hearings and what bills get votes. It is time to change the playing field… we need to flip nine Republican seats in the PA House to take control of the PA House. And we can do it… we flipped ten Republican seats in 2018 (including Melissa’s). But we need to get focused and step up our game. How do we do it? We can start by getting involved in PA House races in this area that will flip seats. Here is information on three PA House races with links to sign up for phone bank (most days from 12 – 8pm and Sundays from 12 – 6pm). Note that you select the days and times that work for you. Back to Blue will provide the script and help you get started:

There are two Chester County PA House races where you can help:

One additional PA House race we should highlight featuring Deb Ciamacca. Deb is a former Conestoga High School teacher, and known to many of us:

Volunteer on Election Day

There are two ways to help on Election Day (November 3, 2020):

  • Be a poll clerk: help check in voters, distribute ballots, and help the Judge of Elections keep the poll running smoothly. Volunteer poll clerks are always needed! For more information and to apply, see this page from Chester County Voter Services.
  • Be a greeter: we need volunteers to engage voters as they enter the poll, direct their attention to our sample ballot, and answer any questions they may have about races, candidates, or ballot initiatives. If you’re interested in doing a stint as a greeter, please contact your precinct committeeperson (see the list of commiteepeople here).

Other Volunteer Opportunities

If you are considering or want to discuss other volunteer opportunities, please contact us via email at info@ttdems.com or by text or phone at (484) 474-0570

Tredyffrin Township Democratic Committee
P.O. Box 910
Devon, PA 19333
(484) 474-0570



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