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Hi hard-working fellow Democrats,

It has been a week now since the primary election. And it has been tough trying to keep up with the changing vote tally as the county voter services gets through all the mail-in and absentee ballots as well as processing the provisional ballots that were voted at the polling locations. There were a limited number of contested races, but we now have a pretty clear picture on those. So here is the update on each race:

President: Joe Biden was a big winner with 85% of the vote in Tredyffrin and 79% of the vote state-wide; Bernie Sanders received 13% of the Tredyffrin vote and 18% state-wide.

PA Attorney General: Josh Shapiro won unopposed.

PA Auditor General: this is the one race that does not yet have a clear winner, but at this point, Nina Ahmad (former Deputy Mayor of Philadelphia) has a 43,000 vote lead on Michael Lamb (Treasurer, Pittsburgh) and will likely be the Democratic candidate in November.

PA Treasurer: Joe Torsella won unopposed.

US 6th Congressional District: Chrissy Houlahan won unopposed.

PA Senate, 19th District: Carolyn Comitta won with 51% of the district vote and 24% of the Tredyffrin vote. Kyle Boyer received 54% of the Tredyffrin vote and 16% overall.

PA House, 157th District: Melissa Shusterman won unopposed.

The Democratic turnout in Tredyffrin was an amazing 55% (mail-in & in-person voting combined) with three precincts (E4, W3 and W4) breaking 60%. Phenomenal!

Tredyffrin Democrats overwhelmingly voted by mail (85% mail-in ballots with W2 precinct hitting 92%.) Great job! Sadly, some 1,600 returned mail-in ballots across Chester County arrived too late to be counted…a problem we need to work on for November.

I would like to extend a big thanks to Chester County Voter Services for stepping-up big-time to face some significant challenges. An unanticipatedly huge flood of mail-in ballot requests driven by the change to no-excuse mail-in ballots and the coronavirus epidemic; a change in primary date; the changes in the number and locations of the polls; and other changes created by the recently passed election laws. While there are some improvements that we would like to see for the November election, it was a huge undertaking and we thank them for all their efforts.

And thanks to everyone who worked at the polls on June 2nd… your efforts help make the day go smoothly.

So now we take a few days to take a deep breath…and get over the power outage for those of us who took a hit…and then we turn our focus to November. I know we can count on your support as we push to win big in November.

Thanks for all your support!


Jerry Henige

Chair, Tredyffrin Township Democrats

610 341-0756

Author: Steve Lane

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