Supervisor “Debate”: Home-Grown Fake News

Tredyffrin supervisor candidate Sean Sweeney has taken to the Internet to announce a “debate” staged at his home against Murph Wysocki, two-term incumbent Chair of the Board. In fact, Sean never bothered to invite Murph to the event, or to obtain the approval and sponsorship of the League of Women Voters before he announced the event.

“Playing fast and loose with the truth is not my style of campaigning,” said Mr. Wysocki. “I have appeared at public candidate forum events in every one of my campaigns, most recently with the Chesterbrook Civic Association on Thursday evening, and my opponent and I have now had ample opportunities to address the many complex issues facing our township.”

Mr. Wysocki noted that he has confirmed that the League of Women Voters does not sponsor events at candidates’ homes and has not agreed to sponsor or moderate a debate in Tredyffrin.

Mr. Sweeney’s announcement is a “big lie” tactic taken directly from the current national Republican playbook. If he can’t be trusted to be fair and truthful about how he runs for office, we should not trust how he might act once in office.

Author: TTDem Committee

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