Sweeney Pushes The Big Lie, Again

In another desperate attempt to smear members of the Tredyffrin Township Board of Supervisors, Township staff, and the Citizens’ Stormwater Advisory Task Force, Candidate Sweeney and his Republican buddies have continued to state that our township has not addressed stormwater as an important issue. This is another BIG LIE. It’s a tactic intended to distract voters from the many other important issues that face our township and its residents.

After decades of stormwater inaction by Republican-led boards, Murph Wysocki and his supervisor colleagues, the task force, and township staff have confronted climate change with action and a plan to mitigate the effects on residents’ properties. While Republican leaders long denied that climate change even exists, our supervisors have recognized that we now experience more frequent and severe storms caused by climate change, and have undertaken projects to rebuild infrastructure and to fund future stormwater management projects.

On November 2nd, VOTE for candidates who have experience, integrity, and who will continue to work in the best interests of all Tredyffrin residents –

VOTE FOR WYSOCKI and HOLT for Tredyffrin Supervisor-at-Large, and MILLER for Middle District Supervisor.

Author: Steve Lane

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