Republicans Just Raised Your Taxes Again

Hate to say we told you so, but Tredyffrin’s all-Republican Board of Supervisors just raised your taxes again.  On Monday, December 19, after claiming to be committed to “holding the line on taxes,”  the all-Republican Tredyffrin Board of Supervisors voted to raise property taxes by 3.5%. Once again the GOP trumpets an anti-tax stance before the elections, then raises taxes right after.

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Tax Hoax Hokum

Tredyffrin Republicans are continuing their Great Earned Income Tax Hoax beyond election day. In a letter to the local press, Tredyffrin Twp. Republican Committee Chairman Michael Broadhurst and several of his precinct leaders offer no regrets for basely politicizing our school distric’st search for honest budget-crisis solutions. Moreover, Broadhurst and TTRC also persist in falsely conjuring the board’s study of an EIT into a Democratic conspiracy. The quickest way out of the TTRC fog and into square facts is simply hearing public comments from 2 members of their own party– 2 Republican leaders on the T/E school board– past president Betsy Fadem and chair of the board’s finance committee, Kevin Mahoney.

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Anatomy Of A Slime

String of Lying TTRC CardsPosted earlier is a condemnation of the deceptive practices used by Tredyffrin Township Republicans in this year’s school board election, with a thoughtful commentary on how it affects a community needing to solve a school funding crisis. Here is quick documentary proof that the statements used against TTDem school board candidates were not merely misleading, but outright fabrications—knowingly repeated in mailings and handouts from the Tredyffrin Township Republican Committee. Read more for a case study in deceptive language.

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The Great Earned Income Tax Hoax

No EIT Sign
Dariel Jamieson, chairperson of the Tredyffrin Democratic party, exposes the earned income tax hoax that drove turnout in the November 8th election and rues its impact on the community.

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TTDems Chair Comments On November 8th Election Results

Dariel Jamieson offers congratulations to all the winners and pledges that Tredyffrin Democrats will continue to help move the Township forward in these challenging times.

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