Chester County Turns Blue

Chester County has been turning blue steadily for almost 20 years. In 2000, Republicans enjoyed an 80,000-registration advantage. By 2008, the gap was only 25,000, but then Democratic progress slowed for a bit. By November 2016 the gap was 18,000, but in two years the gap had shrunk to 11,000, then to 7,000 a year later. And as of last week Democrats enjoyed a margin of 228 voter registrations. Some might call Chesco a blue county (and it’s true that all but one county office is now held by a Democrat), others might call it one of the only truly “purple” counties in the country, but however you look at it, Chester is a battleground where 20 years of activism have nullified a once-formidable Republican lead in registrations.

Feel like celebrating? We still need to convert those registrations into votes. Sign up for vote by mail and vote safely in the primary and the Fall election.

Author: TTDem Committee

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