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About Our Committee

The Tredyffrin Township Democratic Committee (TTDems) is the official local Democratic organization for Tredyffrin Township. We are an all-volunteer group of active, committed Democrats who live in Tredyffrin Township. We are your neighbors and friends.

Our Mission

The mission of the Tredyffrin Township Democratic Committee is to advance Democratic values and principles in our community. We are dedicated to fostering inclusivity, promoting equitable policies, and engaging residents in the political process. Through grassroots organizing, community outreach, and strategic advocacy, we strive to deliver election victories that reflect the diverse voices and priorities of Tredyffrin Township.

Our Meetings

We hold regular meetings on the third Wednesday of each month at 7:00 PM in the Tredyffrin Township Building at 1100 DuPortail Road, Berwyn, PA 19312. The building is ADA-compliant and accessible. All registered Democrats are welcome to attend! 

TTDems Leadership

    • Zone Leader: Hans van Mol
    • Asst. Zone Leader: Georgee Thevervelil
    • Secretary: Gene Poppel
    • Treasurer: Robin Holloway

Precinct Committee Persons

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Precinct Designation and Polling LocationCommittee PersonPhoneEmail
E-1 (585) Our Lady of the Assumption Church - Parish HallAnn McDermott610-505-3066amm25@georgetown.edu
E-1 (585) Our Lady of the Assumption Church - Parish HallSharon Willis610-246-4294sdcnwillis@gmail.com
E-2 (590) New Eagle Elementary School (CAFETERIA)Jere Shertzer610-971-0287jere.shertzer@verizon.net
E-2 (590) New Eagle Elementary School (CAFETERIA)Anne Woodcock484-574-4700awlennie@gmail.com
E-3 (595) New Eagle Elementary School (GYM)William Gardiner610-306-4129wgardiner@gmail.com
E-3 (595) New Eagle Elementary School (GYM)OPEN POSITION
E-4 (600) New Eagle Elementary School (GYM)Art Post610-688-2659ahpost@aol.com
E-4 (600) New Eagle Elementary School (GYM)Joanne Sonn610-304-4200Joanne.Sonn@foxroach.com
E-5 (605) Tredyffrin Public LibraryJohn Parker610-971-0227pennstatedad01@yahoo.com
E-5 (605) Tredyffrin Public LibraryDonna Shipman610-971-6576poeship@yahoo.com
M-1 (614) Conestoga High School (MAIN LOBBY)Tom Dunlap484-868-7276thomas.j.dunlap.iii@gmail.com
M-1 (614) Conestoga High School (MAIN LOBBY)OPEN POSITION
M-2 (615) Baptist Church in the Great ValleyMary McCracken610-213-6850mary.m.mccracken@wellsfargo.com
M-2 (615) Baptist Church in the Great ValleyRochelle Rabin610-864-9656rochellerabin@aol.com
M-3 (616) St. Matthew's United Methodist ChurchJeffrey Kosterich610-783-1345jeff_kosterich@msn.com
M-3 (616) St. Matthew's United Methodist ChurchGeorgee Thevervelil267-994-3107gthever@gmail.com
M-4 (617) Valley Forge Elementary SchoolTina Hastings845-518-3322christine.m.hastings@gmail.com
M-4 (617) Valley Forge Elementary SchoolRosemary Kait610-687-8712vfyankee@comcast.net
M-5 (618) Tredyffrin/Easttown Middle School (AUDITORIUM)Charles Bennett215-869-7035csjbennett@comcast.net
M-5 (618) Tredyffrin/Easttown Middle School (AUDITORIUM)Sandy Forbes215-869-188054sandyjo@comcast.net
M-6 (619) Valley Forge Middle SchoolSandy Gilson610-331-8609sagilson@comcast.net
M-6 (619) Valley Forge Middle SchoolDoug Jones610-202-2128phillydrj@me.com
M-7 (620) Conestoga High School (GYM)Liz Harmon610-850-1272lzharmon63@gmail.com
M-7 (620) Conestoga High School (GYM)Jean Rickert610-989-0278rickertjean@comcast.net
W-1 (630) United Methodist Church of PaoliLinda Burgwin484-716-0163LGBhomes@aol.com
W-1 (630) United Methodist Church of PaoliEd Stevens610-715-3309ejstevens@mac.com
W-2 (635) Hillside Elementary SchoolKate Hunsberger610-653-4959katarina.hunsberger@gmail.com
W-2 (635) Hillside Elementary SchoolAlan Yockey484-919-5645alanyockey@gmail.com
W-3 (640) Tredyffrin/Easttown Middle School (MAIN LOBBY)Diane van Mol610-296-7173dianevanmol@verizon.net
W-3 (640) Tredyffrin/Easttown Middle School (MAIN LOBBY)Hans van Mol610-836-2830vanmolhans@gmail.com
W-4 (645) Conestoga High School (GYM)Karen Keating Mara610-710-1902karen@keatingmara.com
W-4 (645) Conestoga High School (GYM)Kim Wright610-640-3753notzathros@gmail.com
W-5 (647) Tredyffrin Township BuildingHolly Branham610-251-1665branhamh1@gmail.com
W-5 (647) Tredyffrin Township BuildingBarbara Guido610-639-1698barbarag999@aol.com
Tredyffrin Township Democratic Committee
PO Box 251
Paoli, PA 19301



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