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Tredyffrin Township Celebrating 300 YearsFor information about the township, administration, public meetings, advisory committees, regulations, zoning, recreation and more, see the township’s own website.

Follow Township Government On Public Access TV

Federal regulations and the franchise agreement with our local cable television companies provide for public, governmental and educational access television stations. Tredyffrin citizens can follow their township government and school district activities, on the 2 cable TV local service providers–Comcast and Verizon FIOS.


  • Comcast Channel 2 and Verizon Channel 24 are the public and government access channels, broadcasting programming by Tredyffrin residents and the local government agencies. Information on the public access network and the general programming schedule is available here. Tredyffrin Board of Supervisor meetings are regularly shown in their entirety, live and replayed, on the “T-Span” programming portion, and can also be viewed online.
  • Comcast Channel 14 and Verizon Channel 20 are the educational access stations, with programming from the Tredyffrin/Easttown School District. School board programming, including regular meetings and Board Talk, airs on a regular schedule. Information on the school board meetings and agendas may be found at the school district website.

The Township Locale
A western suburb of Philadelphia, Tredyffrin Township is located at the eastern edge of Chester County, Pennsylvania. Rich in history, the township traces its heritage from 1682, when a group of Welsh Quakers purchased forty thousand acres of land from William Penn in England.

Valley Forge MemorialThe name “Tredyffrin” derives from a compound of two Welsh words meaning a town in a wide cultivated valley. That valley is the rich and fertile Great Valley, which begins at Valley Forge and runs westerly toward Coatesville. This land served as an agricultural breadbasket for Philadelphia for centuries. Township farmhouses housed Revolutionary War leaders when Washington’s troops wintered at Valley Forge.

Today Tredyffrin Township is comprised of some 29,000 residents in approximately 12,000 households. Nearly 70% of Tredyffrin adults have college degrees, with 30% holding advanced degrees. Located next to Valley Forge National Park, the township is now the site of a major financial and technological business corridor, served by major highway and rail transportation: U.S. Routes 202 and 30 (the Lancaster Pike), the Pennsylvania Turnpike, historic Pennsylvania Railroad, and a string of “Main Line” regional rail stations serving commuters.

The township is served by the Tredyffrin/Easttown School District. Attractive parks and recreation areas can be found throughout the community.

Living On Historic Land

Tredyffrin Township was established in 1707. The Township’s 300th anniversary celebration in 2007 provided a special opportunity to remember that we live, play, work, shop, and drive on historic land.

Along with that year’s commemorative activities, the Tricentennial Committee also produced a historical documentary film, “Tredyffrin…The First 300 Years.” DVD copies of the film are still available at the public libraries and the township office building. On-line information about our area’s heritage is available at the Tredyffrin Historic Preservation Trust website.

Tredyffrin Township Democratic Committee
PO Box 251
Paoli, PA 19301



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