Pa. Bar rips GOP judge’s high court ad

Another example of a Republican who cannot tell the truth. Judges should be held to higher standards of truth and decency. The Pennsylvania Bar Association says the ad airing on local TV does not meet the standard of truthfulness.

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Candidate Judge McLaughlin

It bluntly attacks a decision of the Democratic candidate for Pennsylvania Supreme Court. And on Saturday, the state Bar Association said the spot went too far.

The ad says the Democratic contender, Superior Court Judge Maria McLaughlin, “chose to void the guilty plea of a drunk driver who admitted to killing a pregnant woman and her unborn child.”

What the ad doesn’t say is that McLaughlin hadn’t declared the defendant not guilty or thrown out the case. She had merely joined another judge in saying the man’s defense lawyer had bungled his job and that the defendant should be retried.

The defendant is in state prison now serving his sentence.

Support Superior Court Judge Maria McLaughlin on November 2nd.

Read the entire article from the Inquirer here. Inquirer re mclaughlin negative ad 2021October

Author: Alan Yockey

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