Molly Duffy Endorsed For Supervisor in Tredyffrin’s May 17 Special Election

Molly Duffy supervisor candidate“I would like to serve on the Board of Supervisors because I care deeply about the future of Tredyffrin and would like to help realize the community vision. I will work hard for greatest efficiency in township services, stable funding for public safety, and revitalizing business development,” said Molly Duffy in receiving the unanimous endorsement of the TTDem committee.

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Tredyffrin Democrats Announce Candidates for 2011 Local Elections

The Tredyffrin Township Democratic Committee has heartily endorsed their slate of candidates for the Township Board of Supervisors and the Tredyffrin/Easttown School Board this year.

The candidates are:
For Board of Supervisors, At Large–Molly Duffy and Ernie Falcone.
Board of Supervisor, East District–Tory Snyder.
For School Board Director, Region 1–Karen Cruickshank and Jerry Henige.
School Board Director, Region 2–Scott Dorsey andJenny Lightman Wessels.
For District Judge, Dist. 15-4-01–Analisa Sondergaard, Esq..

“Anyone who follows local government and school policy will recognize our candidates as citizens who have already been serving the community on advisory groups, as board leaders and neighborhood activists,” said Dariel Jamieson, TTDems Chair. “We’re excited to have them stepping forward under the party’s banner.”

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Biographical Background: Tredyffrin 2011 Democratic Candidates

“The school district has been battling the budget crunch caused by a declining real estate market, and now deep cuts in state aid to education have added further fiscal woes,” said TTDems Chair Dariel Jamieson. “On the commercial side, there are too many lost jobs and vacant store-fronts even in our prosperous community. Our candidates have already been working to preserve excellence in our schools and for sustainable quality-of-life enhancements to our community–all within today’s economic realities. These are Democrats standing for sound fiscal policies, sustainable excellence in our schools and fair, transparent local government.”

Full biographical background on the candidates, including family and community service details.

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